eTranscript (University of Sydney):
Here is a snapshot of my master's program at the University of Sydney. Coursework began March 2014 and ended June 2015. Here is a summary of my achievements:
  • Received multinational instruction from guest lecturers across 7 countries.
    1. University of Sydney
    2. University of East Anglia
    3. Alphacrucis College
    4. University of South Australia
    5. Emory University
    6. Université du Québec à Montréal
    7. University of Iceland
    8. King's College, London
  • Obtained a distinction average across all coursework that opened up the opportunity to attempt a dissertation.
  • Completed a dissertation, submitted November 2015, on the topic of computer-based social and emotional skills interventions for individuals with autism spectrum disorders.
  • Earned a distinction mark on my dissertation.
Further course information including university grading scale and syllabi can be found below.

Credit Points: 48 / 48                 GPA (US): 3.80

Core                                     CP AU Raw US
GSDD5001: Critical Issues-DD              6 HD 87  A
GSDD5200: Disability Theory               6 CR 73  A-
Developmental Disability Electives
GSDD5011: Autism Spectrum Disorders       6 DI 76  A
GSDD5014: Parenting with DD               6 CR 70  A-
GSDD5016: Sexuality and DD                6 CR 71  A-
University Electives
BACH5068: Stats for Clinical Research     6 CR 69  B+
GSDD5009: Dissertation                   12 DI 78  A

Degree Awarded:
Master of Health Science (Developmental Disability) on 8 December 2015