Spring 2013 UAA commencement ceremony. ANCHORAGE, ALASKA May 6, 2013.
eTranscript (University of Alaska Anchorage):
Here is a snapshot of my associate's program course requirements. I have highlighted selected courses to illustrate my personal interests, quality of academic work, and reflections.

Credits: 67 / 60

General Education Courses:
Oral Communication Skills
COMM-237:  Interpersonal Comm

Quantitative Skills
MATH-107:  College Algebra

Written Communication Skills
ENGL-212:  Technical Writing

Fine Arts
MUS-124:   History of Jazz

Social Sciences
SWK-106:   Intro Social Welfare
ANTH-200:  Natives of Alaska (Ethnohistory)
Degree Conferred: Associates of Applied Sciences Human Services, cum laude

Human Services Courses:
HUMS-101:  Intro Human Services
SWK-106:   Intro Social Welfare
PSY-111:   [CLEP] General Psych
PSY-150:   [CLEP] Lifespan Development
HUMS-223:  Intro Parapro Counseling I
HUMS-324:  Intro Parapro Counseling II

Cultural Anthropology
ANTH-200:  Natives of Alaska (Ethnohistory)

PSY-345:  Abnormal Psych

PSY-368:  Personality
PSY-497:  eLearning Teaching Assistant