eTranscript (Northcentral University):
Here is a snapshot of my degree program at the Northcentral University. Coursework began July 2016 and is currently in progress. This program is a bridge from my master's in health sciences to a Ph.D. in Psychology.

I am required to complete 6 foundational courses in psychology before beginning doctoral-level studies with a specialization in addictions. I will earn a Masters of Arts in Psychology along the way. I completed all foundational courses on April 2017 and have begun doctoral studies.

Credits: 24 / 30 (MA)                                      GPA: 3.83

PSY5101-8: Foundations for Graduate Study in Psychology      
PSY5104-8: Theories of Human Development and Functioning     A- 
PSY5103-8: Professional Ethics, Law, and Psychology          A-
PSY5107-8: Research Design                                   A

Specialization: General Psychology
PSY6100-8: Theories of Personality                           A
PSY5108-8: Cognitive and Affective Basis of Behavior         A-
Doctoral-level Courses
PSY8111:   Clinical Survey of Substance Abuse and Dependence A
PSY8112:   Addiction Assessment and Treatment Planning       A-
PSY8113:   Addictions and Related Disorders                  Current
PSY6105-8: Capstone Course: Psychology