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Human Services Practicum I (FALL 2012)

I logged 125 hours at the Discovery Center at Hope Community Resources, Inc. during the fall of 2012. This particular facility provides group activities, recreational activities, day habituation, and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) workshops for teens who experience disabilities. During my practicum I worked within a team of no more than 3 staff to assist small groups of individuals on the autistic spectrum ranging in age from 10-18 years old. 

This experience prepared me to work beyond the standard one-on-one training I'd previously received professionally. I became aware of the importance of team coordinated interventions, especially its role in managing difficult persistent behavioral issues. 

Additionally, I gained exposure to the clinical application of: Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Art Therapy and Music Therapy. I was surprised at how the clients responded specifically to music therapy. Individuals who otherwise were disengaged, non-verbal and withdrawn lit up. I observed an immediate arousal of the senses expressed by movement and vocal participation. The experience extremely moved me. 

Agency Presentation