Summer 2013:

Credits: 12 / 9 (71)
WS-401: Women & Disability
Professor: Lampert

Explores the intersections of women, feminism, gender and disability. The purpose is to define the word disability, to explore the experiences of women with disability, to understand the impact and beliefs of women with disability, and to examine the cultural and social attitudes and public policies regarding women with disability.

THR-411: History of the Theatre I 
Professor: Edgecombe 

Study of theatre history from ancient Greece to 1800. The history and the influence of different cultures, traditions and technology on the development of the theatre as a social institution.

THR-412: History of the Theatre II 
Professor: Edgecombe 

Continuation of THR A411. Theatre history from 1800 to modern.

PSY-442: Psychopathology of Childhood & Adolescence 
Professor: Ippolito 

Focuses on the psychological disorders of childhood and adolescence, including the classification of disorders and their diagnosis, etiology, and treatment and psychological resilience, intervention, and the importance of program evaluation. Emphasizes research findings.