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CYS & PhD Psychology

posted Sep 15, 2016, 4:58 PM by Ezra Lockhart   [ updated Sep 15, 2016, 4:58 PM ]
Well, there certainly has been some big changes in the last few months. I meant to update my ePortfolio sooner; however, life has been filled with new and exciting adventures. In July, I moved to the top of the world! The northernmost town in the North America, Barrow, Alaska. 

New Role
I accepted the position of Residential Manager at the North Slope Borough, Department of Health and Social Services, Intergrated Behavioral Health, Children and Youth Services. CYS for short. 

CYS is a coed level II, 14-bed emergency shelter, providing Behavioral Rehabilitative Services and Crisis Stabilization to children and youth ages 0-18 years. Our residents are from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and are referred by Office of Children Services, Department of Juvenile Justice, Native Village of Barrow, local agencies and/or families in need of support or respite during crises. We also provide services to children and youth transitioning to or from treatment, foster care, or home. We provide services for local residents as well as residents from communities throughout Alaska. 

CYS employs a full time Clinician who, in addition to compiling comprehensive psychosocial assessments, provides individual, group and family therapy, and facilitates treatment team meetings. CYS staff works with local agencies, schools, clinics and the hospital to provide wide-ranging services as indicated by the individual needs of our residents. CYS is a therapeutic, nurturing environment accessible as a safe refuge and a bridge to personal and community resources. 

CYS promotes and supports the well-being of children and families through a program that is compassionate, culturally sensitive and incorporates modern theories of child and youth care. CYS and its diverse staff strive to achieve a standard of care that engenders optimum public trust and satisfaction. Here are pictures of the facility with a link to our website, which is maintained by the North Slope Borough, the local government.

CYS Website

Introduction: Health Department Newsletter
As this is my returned to Barrow, I was here back in 2000 and stayed for 5 years, I was welcomed back with an open arms and high praise. The Health Department newsletter featured both new Managers at CYS, Program Manager Elizabeth Madsen and me.

Where am I?
To get an idea of how remote and cold it is here take a look at this recent CNN report.

PhD Psychology Specialization: Addiction
I also have been busy in my graduate program. I was accepted and started courses at Northcentral University. I am working on my PhD in Psychology with a specialization in addictions. I will obtain a second masters on my way as I take courses to bridge into the PhD requirements. I have four foundation classes at the masters level to complete then I will start in on my doctoral level courses. I just completed my first course with a 97% and am half way through on my second. Wish me luck!