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Directorship & Second Master's

posted Nov 13, 2017, 2:32 PM by Ezra Lockhart
My professional background is comprised of two distinct industries health & human service and information technology. A pillar common to both industries is service to others—a strong personal value of mine. My directed efforts aligns the skills acquired from these two distinct industries on a single point of convergence: the remediative value (and, by proxy, the detrimental effects) of human-computer interaction. My research certainly demonstrates and reflects this.

My career trajectory in recent years has moved me further into the role of leadership and administration, which I hesitated initially because I am personally fueled by direct service. However, in recent months I have embraced this role full-heartedly. I am excited to announce that in June I accepted a Director position at Ilisagvik College, Department of Information Technology. I am excited primarily because I get the opportunity to focus on the technology component of human-computer interaction; thus, strengthening my research by direct involvement in modern technological solutions. Indeed, this balanced approach has reinvigorated my systems-level mindset and problem solving skills as they apply to the realm of technology and human-computer interaction.

Renewed Certifications
I have successfully renewed for the next two years my state-level Chemical Dependency Counselor and international-level Autism Specialist certifications. My national-level Addictions Counselor is up for renewal sometime in March of 2018. I am seeking to renew that as the time approaches.

Second Master's & Publications
Furthermore, I have completed a second master's degree on my way to a PhD in Psychology. I am happy to say that I have three journal articles under review for publication. My thesis was an evaluation of the affordability of computer-based social-emotional interventions for school-aged children. That research has additionally been submitted for review. Indeed, I am enjoying the role as researcher.