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My ePortfolio Turns 2

posted Feb 4, 2015, 7:01 PM by Ezra Lockhart
Before the new year, on December 21, 2014, my ePortfolio officially turned 2 years old! Over the last year my viewership has grown more than double. Year One my ePortfolio was seen by 257 visitors. Year two brought 271 new viewers; bringing the total amount of viewers to 528I am privileged that such a large number of people are tracking my academic and professional progress.  This helps fuel me in my pursuits.

2012-12-21 to 2014-12-21 (2yrs)
Viewers from 12 more countries were added to the list: Russia, Israel, Italy, Bahamas, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ireland, Iran, Japan, New Zealand, Peru, and Sweden. Bringing the total count to 39 different countries. For a closer view on stats such as these please clicking on the image to the left.

2014 Highlights
During 2014 I started and completed my first year of studies at the Master's level with the University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences & Centre of Disability Research and Policy. I reflected on my first assessment and accomplished high distinction in my first unit of study. I ended the year with a distinction average, despite working over full time hours at multiple organization.

I achieved 3 years of employment with Family Disability Services, aided The Charlie Elder House, and started work at Southcentral Foundation's, The Pathway Home. At The Pathway home I assist Alaska indigenous male youth through substance abuse, mental illness, behavioral and personality disorders in a culturally appropriate residential treatment setting. Within 3-months I was recognized as Employee of the Month for my flexibility, self-motivation and positive contribution to the program. That same month I clocked over 300 hours and completed a semester of graduate studies. Furthermore, I completed 302.5 contact hours of continuing education, primarily in the field of autism. I certainly thrive under pressure and heavy workloads.

I obtained an internationally recognized Autism Certificate credential from IBCCES and attended my first MOOC, Networked Scholars, hosted by Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. I was selected as a delegate for the International Scholar Laureate Program, Student Delegation on Medicine & Science in Australia & New Zealand. However, I was unable to attend to due financial constraints.

Last year, I was identified by The Parthenon Group and Relias Learning as an expert in the field of Intellectual and Developmental Disability. Relias Learning shortly afterwards contracted me to produce continuing education courses. I am currently discussing developing other courses with them.

Lastly, I served as a scholarship reader with the Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund for their general scholarship. I reviewed a total of 53 scholarship packets. I was elated to be part of the process to select the 2014-2015 APIASF scholars.

2015 Plans
This year brings many opportunities and I am excited for the possibilities. This is my dissertation year and subsequently the final year of studies in Health Sciences, Developmental Disabilities. I have chosen to research the topic of computer-based Social Cognition Training for Autism Spectrum Disorders. I received provisional approval and am awaiting final selection of my dissertation committee members.

In anticipation, I reduced my work hours and am maintaining a 40-hour week. I moved to on-call status with Family Disability Services and will consider taking contracts from Relias Learning between semesters and on academic breaks. I want to position myself to focus on my studies. Additionally, I applied to a few scholarships, but find it overall difficult since I am a domestic student in an international program. I welcome any advise or leads on scholarships.

I am currently serving as reader for the 2015-2016 APIASF General Scholarship year and have already assessed 115 applications. That is more than double what I did last year with only 4 weeks into the 9-week process. My goal this year to evaluate at least 225 scholarship packets. I am definitely well on my way to meet that goal.

I was invited as the first guest writer for 2015 on Nathan's Voice, a nationally featured and award winning autism resource. I wrote a brief article on the effect of loneliness on adults with autism encouraging research focused on development of interventions aimed specifically at adults. I am interested to see how the article is received.

Overall, I look forward to making the most out of this year, academically. I plan to travel to Sydney to attend commencement and walk with my cohort. I will also be applying to doctoral studies and have a few universities in mind. My two main concerns are finding a supervisor and mentor who shares my research interest and obtaining assistantships to fund my studies. These issues are ever so important considerations in light of the increase in cost of post-secondary education and the current state of the economy. However, I am committed to entering into a doctoral program. Wish me luck and success for the new year!