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ORCHID: Postponed

posted Jun 18, 2014, 12:27 PM by Ezra Lockhart
The recent changes to our national healthcare system have influenced new Medicaid regulations in Alaska. These changes have adversely impacted ORCHID's business model. The proprietors of ORCHID have decided that until alternative funding sources are located and accessed that it is not viable to operate solely on Medicaid funding.

With this delay, lack of secure funding and uncertain time frame I am unable to proceed with ORCHID as a director. I am grateful for the experience overall. I had the opportunity to research and investigate state health policies and create company policy and procedures in accordance with those regulations. I examined organizational structures and established the best fit for the agency. In addition to creating organizational charts and agency forms/documents, I created job descriptions and proceduralized job tasks for administrative and field staff. I also developed a quality assurance system to aid in avoiding problems and providing a forum to accept and critically review feedback from clients and staff. 

The most fulfilling experience was conceptualizing and creating an organization that through its mission statement aspired to serve individuals with disabilities in our local community. Those with disability live in a society that is not designed for them. They are often not considered. However, it has been my experience that through assistance, accommodations, innovations, and investing thought, resources, time, and energy society can become more inclusive. I have seen this type of inclusion elevate quality of life, empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals, and create active contributing community members both with and without disabilities.

I hope that ORCHID is able to locate funding sources to carry out their mission. I wish them the best and welcome the chance to assist them in the future.