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Parthenon: eLearning & IDD

posted Jun 19, 2014, 9:41 AM by Ezra Lockhart
The Parthenon Group, a San Francisco-based consulting firm, contacted me a couple of weeks ago. They identified me as an expert in the industry with specific experience in e-Learning and compliance training for intellectual and developmental disability needs. I was called upon to speak with their research team about training and delivery, market drivers, as well as general compliance and regulations.

I spoke about the current and foreseeable impact the new healthcare regulations have on this industry. I spoke specifically on eLearning options available to agencies and practitioners in Alaska including the recent shift towards eLearning training alternations. I discussed the issues coordinators encounter in organizing face-to-face group training with the varied and erratic nature of practitioners' work schedules. All-in-all, I spoke in favor of eLearning in the healthcare industry.

Here is further information about this firm:

Founded in 1991, The Parthenon Group is a business strategy consulting outfit with expertise in corporate strategy, private equity, education and health care. The firm's 250-plus consultants operate out of offices in Boston, San Francisco, London, Mumbai and Shanghai. Parthenon's clients include Global 1000 corporations (e.g., Thomson Reuters and eBay), as well as high-potential growth companies, private equity clients, health care and education clients, and nonprofit groups.