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posted Dec 27, 2017, 5:32 PM by Ezra Lockhart
First, in my last post I wrote that I had 3 articles out for publication.  One was accepted for publication and I have three still under review. I had hoped to get all three published prior to 2018, but with the holiday seasons it looks like there will be delays.

Second, I am absolutely thrilled to receive, the day after Christmas, an acceptance letter to present in London at ICA 2018, the 20th International Conference on Autism. ICA is scientifically sponsored by the International Medical and Health Sciences Committee of the World Academy of Science, Engineering, and Technology.

I will be discussing the affordability of computer-based interventions for school-aged students with ASD. My aim is to connect with fellow researchers interested in collaboration.

If you are an interested in collaborating, please email me at or leave a comment below.

This will be my first time in England. However,  stay tuned for an announcement in a few weeks. I am waiting on a confirmation of my January session date as a Special Webinar Guest Speaker for ‘Alphabet 12’ in Birmingham (UK).