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NSB: Intranet

One of the major initial accomplishments after being brought on board with the Infocomm team was to create the North Slope Borough's first Intranet.  Before the days of HTML WYSIWYG editors and Microsoft SharePoint I managed this feat.  Including and beyond the technical aspect of coding a website I collaborated with over 10 divisions throughout the organization.  The divisions within the organization varied in purpose and mission (i.e. Geographic Information Systems, Public Information Office, Mayor's Office, Wildlife Management, Search and Rescue, etc.).  I established points of contact, conducted weekly meetings, ascertained their needs, created a unique face and feel for each division, and provided functionality and content tailored for each specific division.

This task challenged not only my project management skills, but gave me an appreciation for the importance of inter- and intraoffice communication and the cohesiveness garnered through working alliances.